Grow vegetables faster with this new type of farming


If you enjoy vegetable gardening and want to know how to get more out of your efforts…


then you need to try this new type of farming


It’s called aquaponics and with it you can grow up to 10 times as many plants in half the time…


…while doing half the work.


This might sound hard to believe but bear with me.


You see, aquaponics is the science of combining hydroponics with aqua culture.


This might sound like a mouthful but it’s easy to understand. Basically plants are grown in water and fish are added to that water.


And in this configuration the plants get ammonia, algae, minerals and nitrates from the fish…


…and the fish get oxygen from the plants


It’s a natural ecosystem which benefits both parties.


This method was developed at the university of the virgin islands when scientists realized that small tropical fish – instead of fertilizer – could be used to supply plants with nutrients.


And after experimenting with different setups they were able to produce an incredible 4000 pounds of vegetables…


…with only 3000 square feet of space.


(And this produce was certified as USDA organic.)


What’s more, this is a garden where there are no weeds or soil pests…


Plus you don’t have to till or cultivate the earth…


Or spread fertilizer…


…or do any other kind of back breaking manual labour.


The fish do most of the work and you get to reap the benefits. Not only that, you’ll gain hours of satisfaction from watching them interact with the plants.


And if this sounds interesting then go here now and download these plans for building your own aquaponics garden


You’ll see how to build a cheap and efficient system which is almost 100% automated.


There’s almost no work to be done once it gets going.


Setting up an aquaponics system in your back garden isn’t nearly as complicated as it sounds.


Everything thing you need can be easily bought from your local hardware and pet stores.


(And for a lot cheaper than you think.)


And with this simple step by step video guide anyone can do it


Imagine having your own high-tech vegetable garden which you never have to spray or weed…


…and getting fresh vegetables all year round.


This is possible when you have your own aquaponics garden.


Go here now to see how it’s done